Sheffield Search: GFL Leadership Transitions Report

DDI’s latest release from the Global Leadership Forecast (GLF) series is here.

DDI has introduced the series of themed reports to ensure we keep our finger on the pulse of truly current challenges to organizations and their leaders, to allow us to address the rapidly changing environments we face in today’s world of work.

The Leadership Transitions Report seeks to create an understanding of how leaders of all levels navigate their transition to a leadership role, and how organizations can ensure this process is as effective as possible. With 7 comprehensive findings, the report offers a handful of very clear themes emerging across the research.

The below three key data points offer a snapshot of the valuable data included:

  • Stressful transitions have a long-term impact, with 45% of leaders who had stressful transitions rating themselves as average or below average leaders compared to their peers.
  • On average, combining high-quality assessment with any development program boosts bench strength by 30%.
  • The pandemic weakened the support provided to transitioning leaders, and 11% of leaders who transitioned during the pandemic said their likelihood of leaving had increased, despite their promotion.

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