Odgers Berndtson: Career Support in this Evolving Time of Hybrid Working

As we enter this new hybrid world of working arrangements, between the office and remote, the thinking on supporting careers and talent management will have to evolve too.

For most, it was simpler and neater before remote working became a widespread reality. But what happens to career support and talent management in this new reality? Well, we’re finding out right now as companies and individuals adjust for the longer term. The changes are likely to be permanent too, as we move to and mitigate these new work environments. So, what are the continuing implications for leaders, talent professionals, and, of course, those seeking to build their careers?

Odgers Berndtson evaluates this new normal and outlines the following: 

  • Digital advances accelerate
  • Remote challenges
  • Some things may be better done face to face
  • New thoughts on developing people
  • Learning from the culture
  • Trust, data and humanity

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