Slayton Search Partners: Five Trends Driving the Future of Private Equity

The world of private equity (PE) moves fast, and it’s vulnerable to many of the same global issues as other industries. From the pandemic to the Great Resignation, leadership in the PE space needs to continually arm itself in the war for talent. The executive talent assessment has become increasingly more valuable, and it’s one of the primary elements of a PE firm’s value creation plans for acquisitions.

One of the five trends in PE is diversity and inclusion. PE firms with two or more diverse board members stand to benefit from a 12 percent increase in ROI. 

Slayton Search Partners describes 5 trends in total to look out for in the future of private equity:

  • Executive talent assessments are a priority 
  • Increased demand for search
  • Diversity and inclusion make a bigger difference
  • Ending the war for talent
  • The increasing speed of search

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