Odgers Berndtson: It’s Time for Leaders Who Can Thrive on Creating Growth

As we tentatively emerge from the pandemic, there are lessons on how some have used the situation to their advantage, and some pointers on how best to ensure that the so-called new normal is truly a better era. 

The road out of this pandemic will be a long and hard one, but this is a golden opportunity to break from the mainstream and build a real position of leadership. Markus Trost and Daniel Nerlich consultants from Odgers Berndtson published new insights.

"One lesson from past downturns is that the competitive order within industries changes far more now than it ever will in prosperous times."

The article outlines the following:

  • Winners and losers 
  • Beyond the coping phase 
  • Old normal is not an option
  • Multiple challenges 
  • Succeeding despite disruption 

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Markus Trost & Daniel Nerlich
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