The Importance of Quality Standards in China

AESC Members work diligently to provide executive talent solutions for organizations across all industries and in all geographies—spanning 1,200+ offices in 70+ countries. Bringing a deep level of expertise to their clients, our Members have a unique vantage point as they help companies build effective organizational cultures and advise on leadership strategies impacting business leaders and the world. 

With our AESC Member Spotlights, we speak with members to get their take on the profession, industry and sector-specific trends, regional insights and more. 

Here, we speak with David Wu, Founder, CEO and Managing Partner of GMPTALENT International

David Wu GMP TalentTell us about GMPTALENT International.

GMPTALENT International is a boutique leadership consulting firm in China focus on retained executive search and leadership advisory. We help organizations to find, attract and develop senior leaders and next-generation talents to be competitive in today’s complex and constantly shifting business environment.

We’re the China partner of IMD Search International – a Top 20 global retained executive search organization. We're also among the very few Chinese firms qualified to be a member of AESC in China.

You serve as a trusted advisor for many multinational companies in China, APAC, North America, Europe and other global regions. Can you discuss an example of how you leveraged your expertise to successfully provide a client with a competitive advantage?

I was a professional Accountant CPA in the US and Canada for 15 years before I transitioned into the executive search business. Being a trusted advisor is in my DNA. I firmly believe in the “People business” and have helped many companies in various industry sectors for senior executive recruitment, leadership assessment and development. In the past 10 years, I’ve used my experience to mostly place CEOs/General Managers and CFOs / Senior Financial Officers but I advise for other senior executive functions as well.

Many of our clients are very successful and innovative companies in their respective industries. They’re interested to engage us because we’re a local expert and a business partner who appreciates doing business together. Our entrepreneurial spirit, strong local network, rich consulting experience and collaborative approach are our key differentiators and what our clients most value. “Word of Mouth” is the most effective way to develop new clients in our business.

How do you see the retained executive search profession evolving in the Greater China and Asia region?

There are only a very few boutique firms who practice retained executive search in China and so we’re like “fish in deep-sea”. The China market is still dominated by tens of thousands of contingency firms – those who call themselves “headhunters” – and are competing in terms of price, speed, size, and industry specialty. The reason GMPTALENT is in the retained executive search and leadership consulting business is that we are passionate about this profession. We believe clients can truly benefit from our value-added services.

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However, China is evolving to be a more mature market. In collaboration with AESC, we hope to guide more companies, especially the local Chinese companies, on the value of our profession so they can better understand and welcome it. Resources like AESC's Global Guide to Choosing an Executive Search Firm are incredibly valuable in markets like China in terms of helping to educate clients about the profession as well as the benefits AESC Members deliver. 

Global Guide to Executive Search Firm

Why is it important to have a standard setting board like AESC in Asia?

I think it is important to have AESC’s presence in Asia because it helps distinguish to the client who we are and what we stand for. AESC is a global association that represents the top-tier firms that operate at the highest standards. As a China-based firm, we’re proud to be representatives of high quality. Having said that, the Asia market is so fragmented and every country is so different. Having dedicated AESC personnel focus on markets like China is important to help increase awareness about the profession, AESC, and its standing in the local market.

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