Navigating the Unknown: Versatility's Role in Effective Leadership

Identify and Develop Leaders to Navigate the Unknown

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October 5, 2023
19:00 to 20:00

There is clear consensus about the personality characteristics of those who emerge as leaders, but far less is known about who is most effective at leading. Ryne Sherman, PhD, Chief Science Officer at Hogan Assessments, and Karen Greenbaum, President & CEO at AESC, will discuss Hogan’s latest research. Discover why there is no single personality profile for effective leadership. Instead, effectiveness is a function of a leader’s behavioral repertoire, which is rooted in diverse experiences and a penchant for learning from them. Join AESC and Hogan on October 5 and find out how you can identify and develop leaders who are likely to succeed at navigating the unknown.


  • Karen Greenbaum, President & CEO, AESC
  • Ryne Sherman, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Hogan Assessments


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October 5, 2023: London 17:30 PM | New York 11:30 AM | São Paulo 13:30 PM  

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October 6, 2023: Singapore 9:00 AM | Sydney 12:00 PM | Chicago 20:00 PM (October 5)

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