EmTech Trends: People Analytics

A critical aspect of digital transformation is understanding what data can do for your business.

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October 30, 2019
08:00 to 09:00

As we as a profession advise our clients on the talent required to leverage data and new technology, it's critical to understand how we as a profession and our clients can employ data to work smarter.

Big Data and AI continue to advance and intersect. As a result, People Analytics is increasingly being employed in the end-to-end talent landscape to drive more precise insight, which in turn can lead to better outcomes.

Join us for a discussion with CEOs and entrepreneurs who are employing People Analytics for talent identification, acquisition, engagement and development. What do their platforms offer and what can we learn from them about our own businesses and how we serve our clients?

We'll be joined by an expert panel including:

  • Joseph Hanna, CEO & Founder, ENGAGE Talent
  • Dirk Jonker, CEO & Founder, Crunchr Workforce Analytics
  • John Schwarz, CEO & Founder, Visier

Moderated by Karen Greenbaum, President & CEO, AESC

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About ENGAGE Talent
ENGAGE Talent is the first Total Talent Intelligenceâ„¢ platform for forward thinking companies who recognize the impact of people on business performance. ENGAGE layers 30,000 data sources with AI predictive models for the most holistic and validated talent intelligence worldwide. From talent acquisition, engagement and retention to smarter decisions about company and market performance, ENGAGE brings future-sight to keep you on the leading edge.

About Crunchr Workforce Analytics
Crunchr supports workforce decisions with relevant insights by combining expertise, data and analytics. Without clear insights, accurate decision making is at risk. Achieving your business objectives is even more difficult. Most organisations have HR systems, but they struggle to translate data into insights. Crunchr gets the basics right with an easy-to-use workforce reporting and analytics tool. Our play-learn-build methodology and learning portal drive easy adoption. This helps to accelerate workforce analytics in a natural way.

Crunchr is a cloud solution that works on top of existing HR systems. It collects workforce data into one secure place, improves its quality and makes it accessible for everyone who needs it. Subsequently, you are ready to create and democratise your insights for sustainable business impact! Our technology is globally recognised by Gartner and Bersin. It’s time to embrace the power of workforce analytics.

About Visier
Visier was founded by leaders in the business analytics industry to focus on what matters: answering the right business questions, even the ones you might not know to ask. Questions that shape business strategy, provide the impetus for taking action, and drive better business results.

Register to explore:
  • Predictive and AI-based candidate sourcing and identification
  • Machine learning and psychology in assessing candidate engagement
  • Predictive analytics to understand the full employee journey
  • Development programs that drive business results
  • Applying People Analytics to diversity and inclusion goals