2 Days | 6+ Sessions | Multiple Time Zones

AESC Executive Research Forum - September 2022

September 20, 2022 to September 22, 2022
September 20, 2022 to September 22, 2022
22:30 to 00:30

As we emerge into a new world of hybrid work, reconnecting and building lasting relationships with clients and candidates is core to growing our businesses. Today’s environment embraces diversity and requires teams to be agile, adaptable, and resilient to enable growth. This unique professional development event expands beyond the core learning of AESC’s Certificate in Executive Research.

This 2-day event occurs in multiple time zones to accommodate audiences in the Asia Pacific and Americas regions. Please review the corresponding times for each day.

Join us as we explore:
• Building lasting relationships in an agile world
• Technology and its role in the Future of Search
• Our impact on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
• Establishing resilience in a hybrid world of work

Key takeaways:
• Learn how to build trusted advisor relationships through effective and collaborative communications
• Understand how technologies are used for search strategy and candidate selection
• Discover a framework for incorporating inclusion in every assignment

What your ticket includes:
• Access to the 2-day premier event for cutting-edge best practices in executive research
• Networking with peers, thought leaders & experts on executive talent
• On-demand access to all session recordings for 30 days after the event


Bots or Brains: The Impact of Technology on the Future of Search

What impact is technology having on productivity and sourcing, pitching and qualifying talent? What are some of the up-and-coming technologies increasingly impacting the world of executive search? How will AI and machine learning impact our business.
This 45-minute panel session will link to the 30-minute collaborative learning breakout.

Making a Splash: Accessing Deep & Diverse Talent Pools

This practical session will look at how can executive researchers and associates can use technology to source and qualify diverse talent and support inclusive search processes.

Laura Stoker
Executive Director - Global Training
Breakout Session: Your Gold Medal

We have a repertoire of tools and techniques that we employ on daily basis, but only a few are so tried and tested that they deserve the ‘Gold Medal.’ Come prepared to share a tool, tip, or technique that makes your job easier and enables you to unearth the best possible talent.

A Bountiful Garden: Nurturing the Growth of Trusted Advisor Relationships

Building and nurturing relationships is key to success. During this interactive session you will learn how to maintain the professional relationships we need in our careers by exploring how to develop our ‘relationship capital’: becoming a ‘person of interest’ and building long term partnerships with colleagues, clients, and candidates.

David Butter will take you on a journey to help you build your trusted advisor strengths.

David Butter
David Butter Consulting
Life Beyond the Checklist: Effective & Collaborative Conversations

Senior Executive Research leaders discuss techniques to build rapport with candidates and learn what makes them tick. We all have key requirements that need to be met, boxes that need to be checked, but quality candidate relationships rely on going deeper. It’s important to tell the story of the client and opportunity, but also learn about what motivates the candidate and how values align.

Breakout Session: The Learning Ladder

In this business, all of us are teachers and all of us are students. There is always something more to learn. What will you share from this week’s event with your colleagues and how will you continue to contribute to the culture of learning in your organisation?



Thank you to our AESC Partners