APAC Workshop: Cultivating Relationships as an Executive Researcher – Client, Candidate, and Managing Director Care


October 23, 2024
13:30 to 15:00

The executive researcher is an important conduit for all search stakeholders—the candidate, client, and consultant – making their communication critical to the success of a search. How can a researcher enhance their communication capabilities to ensure that exceptional care is given to all parties?

Intended for research professionals of all experience levels, this workshop will discuss how enhanced and intentional communication can take your practice to the next level and drive successful searches for your firm.

After participating in this workshop, participants will gain…

  • An understanding of how to build and maintain connections with search consultants so that researchers are empowered to introduce ideas, raise issues, and deliver both positive and negative search developments.
  • The ability to engage meaningfully and build credibility with candidates through practicing active listening, understanding their considerations and concerns, and conducting honest dialogues.
  • Insight into the best methods for communicating with clients, including how to ask well-informed questions about a search and how to uncover their true desires for a candidate, going beyond what details may be provided on paper.
  • Tools, tips, and tactics for how to adapt their communication style to meet the seniority and expertise level of their message’s recipient.


  • Stephanie Franklin, Expert Facilitator

This workshop is part of AESC's Executive Research Workshop Series. To learn more, including details on additional workshop topics and dates, click below.

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