AESC Executive Research Forum Chicago 2019

October 2, 2019
Cutting-Edge techniques for Executive Research Success
October 2, 2019
08:00 to 15:00

AESC's Executive Research Forums are the premier events for executive research professionals to stay at the forefront of best practices, leverage new strategic insights, and stay at the top of the profession.

Gain the cutting-edge techniques you need for executive research success in today's high-speed, high-stakes environment. AESC Executive Research Forums bring together executive search professionals who are responsible for various aspects of the search process and want to increase their professional skills and knowledge. Apply new insights by implementing your learning immediately to improve your results.

A seal of attendance will be provided to all attendees. This can be used as recognition of prior learning should they choose to complete the AESC Certificate in Executive Research (CER) at a later date.


The Art of Persuasion
Executive Researchers work hard every day to engage passive candidates, portray their clients’ opportunities in an honest, positive light, and help executives to see the value in pursuing their next career move. All of these skills involve persuasion. Rachel Roche, President of Smart Search, will facilitate an interactive session on “The Art of Persuasion” and will focus on strategies and techniques to connect with candidates and represent the client and the role as a win-win for everyone.
Rachel Roche
Founder & President
Smart Search
How to Avoid Extinction: The Role of AI in Recruiting
We are still in the early days of AI in recruiting. AIRS will review what is happening now and where there are opportunities for recruiters. There exists technology that can predict what an applicant might do on their first day as an employee, products that scan social media profiles and predict which candidates are likely to switch jobs, algorithms that write job descriptions aimed at improving gender diversity but what can’t AI accomplish in recruiting. Where are the opportunities for today’s recruiter to keep themselves marketable? What you will learn in this session: • Current Trends in Hiring using AI • How AI is improving the sourcing, interviewing and on-boarding process • The limitations of AI in the recruiting process • Where recruiters can provide value in a world of AI
Kevin Crews
Trainer and Recruiting Specialist


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