Spencer Stuart: Five Ways to Recognize a Transformational Sales Leader

Spencer Stuart finds that no longer can small adjustments realign a company. Today, large-scale transformational changes are required to realign and refocus sales capabilities. In order for this to occur, sales leaders are expected to instill customer-centric sales skills across the entire company.

Sales leaders must have a particular skill set that allows them to turn their vision into reality. They must be able to develop new and unorthodox go-to-market strategies. In order to develop cutting edge strategies, leaders must have a proven track record of identifying and attracting new talent.

Transformational change will cross all sectors of a company and thus the sales leader will need to have a broad skill set in order to understand how the change will affect all aspects of the business. In order for the change to be successful across business functions, the best sales leaders represent more than sales; they represent the entire company, and work well across all functions within the company.

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