Spencer Stuart: 15th Annual Retail & Apparel Board Index

Spencer Stuart presents the 15th edition of the Retail & Apparel Spencer Stuart Board Index, which highlights the latest data and trends in board composition, board practices and director compensation for 111 of the top U.S. retail and apparel companies.

Highlights include:

  • More retail and apparel boards added new independent members.
  • Nearly 59% of boards added new independent directors in 2019, while 53% of retail and apparel boards added new directors the previous year. The 112 new independent directors on boards represented 13% of 871 total directors on retail and apparel boards, compared with 11% of the 866 independent directors in 2018.
  • An increasing number of large retailers are splitting the chair/CEO roles.
  • 79% of retail and apparel companies with revenues of more than $20 billion split the role, compared with 50% in 2018 and 43% in 2017. Overall, 68% of retail and apparel companies split the roles in 2019, compared with 62% in 2018.

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