Russell Reynolds: Meeting Your Mentorship Match

In August 2017, Russell Reynolds Associates surveyed 113 financial executives to understand their experiences as mentors or mentees. Sixty-five percent are part of the C-suite and 49% work for companies with over $1 billion in revenue. 

According to Russell Reynolds Associates, these senior leaders ended up where they are today in part because of great mentorship, and they’re now sharing what they’ve learned as mentors and mentees to help groom the next generation.

Here are a few of their findings:

  • 66% of all mentorships began in a reporting relationship. And of these, 68% tell us that they continued in their mentorship even after their reporting relationship ended.
  • 74% of mentees said they valued advice from their mentor more than anything else, far surpassing other characteristics like providing constructive criticism (7%) or providing access to influencers (2%).
  • When asked about the single biggest way their mentor had helped them, 45% of mentees said it was by giving work-related advice, far ahead of other helpful actions like building leadership skills (21%) and career advancement (16%).

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