Russell Reynolds Associates: Five Characteristics that Differentiate Transformational Leaders

Across all sectors, companies are confronting the threats posed by digital—from retail to agricultural organizations are integrating technologies into their day-to-day business operations. Russell Reynold Associates finds that as the pace of digital disruption accelerates, many organizations have recognized that digital forces and volunteer armies will not provide a sufficient defense. Increasingly, these organizations are building their strategies for the future around the insights of a new class of executives: digital transformation leaders.

The following is an excerpt from the report: “What is a digital transformation leader? The answer to this question varies widely. As such, we first sought to bring clarity to the definition of digital transformation leader. We define this group as senior executives charged with leading large-scale digital transformation efforts within an established, complex organization. This last point is particularly important. These executives are tasked with digitally transforming long-established firms vs. leading the efforts of a pure play or startup in the digital space. These leaders commonly are handpicked by the chief executive officer to overcome organizational inertia in order to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation and innovation.”

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