Odgers Berndtson: The Changing Landscape of Leadership: How to Lead the Way

The team at Odgers Berndtson explained the impact the pandemic has had on leadership and explored key themes reflected in the data from the Leadership Conference Index 2022 – exploring ultimately, what this means for the future of leadership and leaders themselves in a world full of disruption.  

The Index shows that 79% of respondents believe disruption in the future will either increase or stay the same, i.e., experience similar levels of disruption that have been caused by the pandemic.

They discussed the following topics that appeared in the index: 

  • Leaders are doing better than they were

  • Ready to adapt or risk being left behind

  • Technology is now considered an enabler, not a disruptor

  • ESG and DE&I took on greater importance


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Mark Braithwaite
Thought leadership category