Amrop: Smart Factory, Smart Leaders

In a recent report Amrop spoke with a group of senior manufacturing executives to better understand their perspective on the Smart Factory. Initially executives had mixed views on the technology. However, supporters saw the added value in some business areas. Supporters of the Smart Factory believe that technology allows organizations to better balance innovation, customer demands, financial and production.

However, Amrop notes that the Smart Factory does not replace human activity, but rather the Smart Factory will need smart professionals. Leaders will need to:

  • Construct a board aimed at making Smart Factory part of its strategic business plan
  • Turn technical developments into clear B2B or B2C innovative business models
  • Build an agile culture capable of integrating Smart Factory while maintaining the organizations fundamental values
  • Incrementally engineering operating infrastructure whilst balancing financial risk, cost efficiencies, quality and safety
  • Nurture a passion for talent
  • Have leaders with a strong personal interest in technology

The full report is published on Amrop’s website. Read the full report.


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