Alder Koten: 5 Differences Between Good Leadership and Great Leadership

In this article, Jose Ruiz of Alder Koten discusses the different types of leadership, and the five ways you can discern amongst these various types.

A vital leader has both force and direction. An amiable leader has direction but lacks force. A maleficent leader has force but lacks direction. A vacant leader has no force and no direction. There are at least 5 ways that you can discern among various types of leaders:

  • A great leader shows you what you’re capable of doing. A good leader shows you what they can do.
  • A great leader makes you believe that you’re great. A good leader only tells you that you’re great.
  • A great leader innovates and disrupts, not merely builds something out of nothing. Being disruptive takes ingenuity, innovation, and the courage to be different.
  • A great leader takes the hit when something goes wrong. A good leader finds a culprit or an excuse.
  • A great leader turns his and the team’s weaknesses into strengths. A good leader finds solutions to their weaknesses.

Using this “great leader mindset” itself require a strong passion to make a difference. At last, being a great leader requires someone to live an authentic self and be ready to serve others wholeheartedly. After all, being a “great leader” actually means being a “great person” from the inside out.

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