Albright Life Sciences: What Makes an Effective Leadership Team?

In a new article from Albright Life Sciences, they share thoughtful ways to make effective leadership team.

Leadership teams can be the difference-maker. They can be key to tying organizations together and accelerating the development- and implementation capabilities of an organization, and they can be instrumental in improving organizational performance.

So, what does a leadership team do?

  1. They inform each other – i.e. exchange information and inform on issues relevant for other team members
  2. They discuss issues – essentially dealing with complex issues that are important to the business as a whole
  3. They make decisions and choose a direction, set strategies, make priorities and approve business cases etc.
  4. They follow up and monitor processes and decisions – i.e. following up on key figures, project status, implementation follow-through etc.
  5. They conduct targeted stakeholder management interacting with key stakeholders – e.g. the board, key influencers in the organization etc.


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