Russell Reynolds Associates: Technology Talent Talk: Disruptive Technology Officers in Southeast Asia

In this three-part series on technology talent, Russell Reynolds Associates takes a deeper look at the executive ranks of the region’s top companies to gauge commitment to this movement.

It's increasingly clear that technology is — or should be — at the heart of every modern business model. To better understand how this trend is playing out in Southeast Asia, Russell Reynolds Associates examined the top ten listed companies by market capitalization for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam — the five countries that account for about three-quarters of Southeast Asia’s GDP.1

As an indicator of corporate commitment to various technology efforts, they charted the prevalence of three types of senior technology roles as well as associated career paths:

  1. Foundational Technology Officers: Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  2. Enabling Technology Officers: Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  3. Disruptive Technologies Officers: Titles vary; key mandates include AI, IoT, and big data

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