Odgers Berndtson: Digital Turns Inwards

Despite possessing slick websites, obtuse social media accounts and black turtle neck wearing digital advisers, many large companies have only so far tinkered around the fringes of digital. The current trend by many of running digital transformation programmes demonstrates that it has finally clicked in the boardroom that the impact and opportunities presented by digital touches all parts of the enterprise.

However, effective digital transformation differs markedly from other large scale business change projects, with which most senior executives will be familiar. Digital transformation is about taking the key digital drivers that have changed radically how companies acquire, engage and support customers externally and deploy them internally, across the organisation.

Digital drivers comprise:

  • having a relentless focus on the customer
  • a business vision that embraces digital
  • and a flexible mindset, approach and organisational structure to execute it
  • Underpinning these drivers are a number of methods that have evolved out of the sharp, experimental end of rapid digital evolution in the last two decades.

The good news for companies is that these methods are now mature and ready to deploy internally. The driving mantra of digitally led business change is the need to focus ever more on the customer. However, a similar focus should be aimed at staff to support digital transformation.

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