Eton Bridge Partners: The Importance of Effective Remote Onboarding: 5 Steps to Success

We are living through a period of upheaval that few of us have experienced before, and with any luck will avoid experiencing again. We are trying to nurture careers in a new environment where an introductory coffee or a face-to-face interview isn’t possible. 

Eton Bridge Partners spoke to Donal Doherty, Global Director of People and Organisational Development, and Blanca Bofill, Global Organisational Development Senior Analyst, who designed Glovo’s Remote Onboarding process.

They shared their advice in five key areas for those looking to expand their remote onboarding capabilities:

  1. Online Learning
  2. Connecting your Team
  3. Hardware and Logistics
  4. Onboarding Ambassadors
  5. Collaboration is Key

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Selena Farooqi
Thought leadership category