Hoffman & Associates: Inside the Internet of Everything

In a recent article Hoffman & Associates and IIC Partners interviewed Nicola Villa, Managing Director and Global Lead, Big Data & Analytics at Cisco. Nicola Villa discussed using Big Data and the effects of technology on the manufacturing industry.

When do you find that organizations are underutilizing technology?

Villa: This truly depends on the market in which organizations are operating. Financial services organizations seem to underutilize technology in their relationship with customers. Retail operators are staggering with the opportunity to digitally enable and enhance their supply chains. Traditional manufacturing and industrial players still struggle with the opportunity to digitize their products and turn them into services. Government agencies seem to be focused on energy and Smart Cities, but according to our research the largest opportunities are related to digitizing their internal processes, for example enabling a mobile workforce.

How has e-commerce changed for organizations in the last 10 years and how will it continue to change?

Villa: E-commerce has simply become commerce. Large and small organizations have embraced digital channels as a preferred go to market strategy. Some have been able to completely re-invent their business and transform their market, as well as move into new markets. On the other hand there are others that struggled to understand the true nature of the opportunity - their businesses were quickly cannibalized. Today we are at the forefront of a similar transition. A convergence of mobile, social media, Big Data and cloud computing revolutions combine with billions of connected objects and devices. These allow us to reexamine all processes, organizations and markets and redefine the relationship with the customer. We call this the Internet of Everything.

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