Glue Executive Search: Transformación Digital En América Latina, Encuesta 2019

8 out of 10 companies are in the process of digital transformation

Digital transformation is much more than a business trend. In fact it is a massive process that companies have adopted. Although truth be told, in most Latin American companies, it is still incipient.

In a survey conducted by Glue Executive Search, EXEC, Talengo, and Panorama, 'Transformación Digital En América Latina, Encuesta 2019,' more than 600 executives from 4 countries participated: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. They provided their opinion on how this process was developed in their companies.

65% of respondents belong to multinational companies, 43% are companies with more than 1000 employees, 53% directors and 69% belong to the so-called Generation X or born between 1965-1981. Within the results of the survey, the sectors with the greatest participation in it are: Mass consumption, financial services, services, consulting and technology.

The survey analyzed the areas of:

  • organizational culture and leadership,
  • processes,
  • and profiles that transform organizational structures.

Survey results are originally published in Spanish on

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