Eton Bridge Partners: De-Bunking ‘The Cloud’

Jean Pierre Green, Partner at Eton Bridge Partners, met up with Ed Hutt, Chief Information Officer, to talk about the connotations of ‘The Cloud’.

According to Investopedia; ‘the cloud’, also known as ‘cloud computing’, is the delivery of different services through the Internet. These services include tools and applications such as data storage, servers, databases, networking and software. It's also one of the Industry 4.0 technologies that AESC believes is in influencing business in 2019, according to the Leadership Transformation Report.

Rather than keeping files on a proprietary hard drive or local storage device, cloud-based storage makes it possible to save them to a remote database. As long as an electronic device has access to the web, it has access to the data and the software programs to run it.

The phrase ‘the cloud’ has the ability to conjure up all sorts of connotations, and it can cause CEOs and IT/ HR leaders alike concern they’re not migrating to it quickly enough. Many leaders simply need to take a step back to consider it more carefully.

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