Leading Transformation

Thrive in the fourth industrial revolution

Global business leaders understand the need to transform their organizations, leverage emerging technologies, and identify new opportunities in the marketplace. However, a common barrier is a lack of leaders who can establish the right culture for innovation and transformation. To achieve success today, organizations need to attract and retain the right talent that can foster innovation. 

Glean insights from executive talent advisors worldwide—across industry, functional and geographic specialization—on how some organizations are successfully transforming and why others are not. 

AESC's Leading Transformation report highlights what business leaders need to know to attract, develop and retain top executive talent who can foster innovative cultures and digitally transform enterprises.  

Establish the Right Culture for Transformation

Download AESC's Report and learn:

  • The Barriers to Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation 

  • How to Inspire and Build a Culture of Innovation 

  • The Transformation of C-Suite Roles in Business 4.0 Organizations 

  • The Challenges to Achieving Innovation

  • How to Build a Talent Strategy for Business 4.0 Innovation 

  • And more



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