Spencer Stuart: Business Leader and “Futurist”: Tomorrow’s Sustainability Leader

Sustainability is at the very top of the priority list for the world’s top companies today. It’s no longer merely an item for discussion, but indeed a central, structural issue permeating the business — from the setting of short- and long-term goals and strategies, to the integration of sustainability into the operations of existing functions, to the creation of independent yet robust sustainability functions.

At a glance, this article covers:

  • Sustainability’s growing role in the C-suite has been breathtaking: leaders who can drive cross-functional transformation and collaboration are in high demand.
  • The CSO must be able to speak the language of the business while transcending silos to embed sustainability across the entire organization.
  • Sustainability leaders must be strong business leaders, with an appreciation of the bottom-line impact necessary to ensure organizational buy-in and long-term success.
  • True sustainability leadership is about bringing back a holistic form of capitalism where leaders balance short-term, bottom-line goals with broader, longer-term vision.

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