Saxton Bampfylde: Mind the Gap - Latest Insight on Leadership & Succession Planning in the UK's Arts and Culture Sector

This report by Saxton Bampfylde, "Mind the Gap: Leadership and Succession Planning in the UK's Arts and Culture Sector,":

  • Gathers the opinions of those who are currently driving the arts & culture sector forward
  • Asks them to consider where the future leaders will come from
  • Breaks down the skills & attributes they will need to bring to the role
  • Answers what challenges & opportunities they will be faced with

This sector is thriving, both domestically and internationally, and subsequently its leaders are increasingly placed on a world stage. In a time of global uncertainty however, the sector is facing a myriad of challenges. Financial, political and social pressures are mounting, bringing with them a stronger desire for change to the sector than has been seen previously.

"I am massively optimistic for the Arts. We have the power to unpack emotions and talk about what it is like to live. We tell stories in a way that connects with people. That is powerful, and it will last and cannot be destroyed."

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