Harbour West Consulting: Hiring, Motivating and Retaining the Next Generation of Workers

According to a 2014 stats Canada report, millennials are the single largest generation of workers active in the Canadian economy, representing 36.8% of the workforce.

A new white paper from Harbour West Consulting, "Hiring, Motivating and Retaining the Next Generation of Workers," outlines:

  • Considerations for attracting, inspiring, training and retaining this important demographic as organizations plan for the future.
  • What motivates a millennial?
  • Millennials place more emphasis on jobs and career paths that contribute something positive to them personally, and the world around them.
  • Millennials are also interested in finding creative means to solve problems, and in which to express their personalities, and prefer to receive feedback on how they’re doing on a regular basis.
  • What you can offer the millennial workforce.

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