Borderless: Equipping Generation Z for an Entrepreneurial Future

Borderless Executive Search shares an article originally posted on Forbes by Serenity Gibbons about today's youngest generation, and where their future careers may lead.

Generation Z is being pushed to have professional experience outside of the classroom and skillsets that are required to be an entrepreneur.

Here's how we can better equip Generation Z for the future in entrepreneurship:

  • Campers are creating business pitches: Educational summer camps and programs provide opportunities to explore various topics and determine whether they're interested before pursuing a career
  • University entrepreneurship programs are providing mentors and connections: Students can test new ideas in an academic setting without the fear of real-world failure.
  • Social platforms are engaging entrepreneurs: Social media is engaging young people and is a platform to share business stories and things to learn.
  • Educational resources are going digital: Online classes, advice on YouTube, and less traditional forms of education help Generation Z on their path.

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