Amrop: Getting Succession Planning Right

In this article Amrop uses the example of Microsoft to prove that even some of the world’s largest companies still struggle with succession planning. While the boardroom is still one of the most secretive places in a company many CEOs are in denial or are working hard to discourage succession. Boards are often afraid to challenge the authority of a charismatic CEO, and a willingness to abdicate responsibility rather than do the heavy lifting of succession management.

It is impossible for boards to deny the importance of effective succession plans for their CEOs. The topic has been surveyed and case-studied to death. All this work has arrived at the same conclusion: succession management is a critical contributor to business success. It certainly makes you wonder why so many boards are still struggling with succession.

Amrop discusses ways to overcome succession: have the courage to drill deeper in the company, recruit directors with courage and conviction to overcome succession and have the courage to start early even if there is an excellent CEO in place.

The full article is published on Amrop’s Thought Leadership. Click here to read the full article.


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