Russell Reynolds Associates: DAX 30 Supervisory Board Study

Russell Reynolds Associates releases the results of its fifth annual DAX 30 study. The study revealed that Dax 30 (German stock index) supervisory boards have improved quality and diversity.  A lot of the progress has been due largely to the women’s quota for top positions, approved by the lower house of the German parliament. As of 2015, 13 boards had achieved the 30% women’s quota, however the study finds it will likely take until 2020 for the remaining DAX 30 boards to achieve the required 30%.

The following is an excerpt from the report: “Despite the positive trend described here, there are still significant differences between the genders when it comes to supervisory board tenure in DAX 30 companies: on average, women are in post around three years less as board members, averaging 3.6 years compared to 6.5 years. On appointment, with an average age of 52.6 they tend to be around four years younger than their male colleagues (average age 56.4). The average age across all male supervisory board members is 62.9. This is more than six years older than that for their female counterparts (56.2).”

The full report is published on Russell Reynolds Associates’ website. Read the report.


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