Stanton Chase: How Boards Responded To The COVID-19 Business And Societal Crisis

An effective corporate board acts as a steady compass during times of turmoil and uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic is the first global challenge of its kind for our modern, highly connected world and is testing the foundational elements of corporate governance and the role of boards in a crisis. For this reason, Nasdaq Governance Solutions and Stanton Chase Board Advisory Practice have surveyed directors, CEOs, and other C-suite level executives from 269 companies across 42 countries to gain insight into corporate governance leadership and the critical role boards are – or are not – playing during this extreme period of volatility.

“It’s critical that the board and management team are fully aligned on the corporate strategy, values, and culture, and that the board sets an example by leading from the top.” - Joan Conley, Nasdaq Corporate Secretary

The outline of this article:

  • Strategy & Oversight - Preparedness for a Crisis: What Role Did Boards Take On As The Crisis Unfolded?
  • Diversity & Inclusion: How Diverse Is Your Board?
  • Taking Action – Managing A Crisis Response: What Were The Most Significant Challenges Presented By The Crisis?
  • Technology & Innovation: Digital Board And Collaboration Software Tools Make Boards More Efficient


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