Slayton Search Partners: Leadership During The New Norm - The Unsustainable Nature Of Crisis Management

Over the last several weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen leaders effectively launch crisis management tactics, triaging their organizational game plans at impressive speed. Events and travel were promptly canceled. Remote work was kicked into gear. Non-remote facilities were met with new standard operating procedures. In the worst cases, furloughs and layoffs were the only option. There has been an overwhelming temptation to panic in the face of shortages and uncertainty – it has been a struggle to stay informed while making quick decisions about what is best for business, employees, and customers.

Crisis management has had its place, but we do not have infinite energy to focus on what has been lost. What is clear is that we need leaders who are flexible, creative, strategic, and empathetic, who can establish a firm foundation in this uncertain time.

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