Heidrick & Struggles: Five Essentials of Customer-Centric Cultures

In a recent article Heidrick & Struggles find that in order for companies to gain a market edge, they need to embark on customer-centric strategies. Digitization and fast-changing technology has drastically altered the business landscape, along the way ushering in a new era of consumer. Many companies fail to assimilate a customer perspective into all aspects of the business.

Heidrick & Struggles has found that in order to have a successful customer strategy, company cultures need to adhere to five principles.

  • Customer-centric talent agenda
  • Meaningful customer service values
  • Empowered employees
  • A strong sense of accountability
  • Leaders who “walk the talk” 

Cultures do not emerge and flourish on their own. Leaders who better understand the building blocks of strong customer cultures will have the edge when it comes to implementing, shaping, and sustaining them.

The full article is published on Heidrick & Struggles’ website. Read the full article.



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