Stanton Chase: The Evolution of Global In-House Centers

GICs make the move from cost savers to innovation partners.

With revenue projected to reach $350 billion by 2025 for India alone, global in-house centers (GICs) are in many ways the future of global business. Their evolution over the past two decades shows that multinational companies (MNCs) have come to rely heavily on GICs, particularly in India, and not just for outsourced business functions with an eye on cost savings. Having proved that the model can deliver sustained growth and value over time, GICs offer the potential for partnerships based on shared organizational goals and a level of innovation that uniquely benefits the parent organization. Several enterprises have built competences and moved up the value chain to set up Global Centers of Excellence in India.

Topics discussed in this white paper:

  • Evolution of GICs in India
  • From Cost Centers to Innovation Hubs
  • The Maturity Index: Assessing the Transformation
  • Digital Disruption Tests the Resilience of Businesses
  • Startups and GICs: A Win-Win Partnership
  • Indian GICs Hereafter: Milestones to Aim For

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Sripad K N Rao, Ashwini Prakash and Veena Pandey
Thought leadership category