Russell Reynolds Associates: Sea Turtles Who Swim Out Again

Ben Zhai, managing director of Russell Reynolds Associates, was quoted in the Financial Times. In the article, he discusses trends within the Chinese business sector. He notes how western multinationals have begun localizing management, but few have localized decision-making.

The following is an excerpt from the article: “Mr Zhai does not predict a sudden rush in Chinese appointments to global boards, more a gradual increase. During China's growth spurt of the past decade, many returnees leapfrogged promotions and, consequently, are sometimes less experienced than peers in mature markets. And while many have worked in either the US or Europe, very few have had experience of several countries. As Mr Zhai puts it: "[Having got] lucky because of where they are, [now they must show] that they can gain promotion because of who they are."

The full report is published on Russell Reynolds Associates. Read the full report.


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