Russell Reynolds Associates: Guidelines for Senior Executives Transitioning to Chinese Companies

Russell Reynolds Associates outlines the steps that executives must take to navigate a successful transition from multinational companies to Chinese companies. Often leaders at Chinese companies view senior executive talent with international experience valuable to navigate the challenges of conducting businesses globally. And Chinese executives with experience in multinational organizations view domestic companies as promising avenues for career development. Despite the fact these viewpoints seem to align, Russell Reynolds finds that only 50% of executives recruited by Chinese companies from MNCs are able to transition successfully.

One of the main reasons why unsuccessful transitions occur is due to the length it takes to transition at a Chinese company. Of those surveyed, there was unanimous agreement that it could take nearly a year to successfully onboard, twice as long as expected in another country.

Of the year-long period—the first six months are the most critical. Within the six months the newly recruited executive will have to adapt to office culture, adjust to new business practices, navigate new leadership styles, learn how to communicate like colleagues, avoid political competition, and lastly maintain a consistent leadership style in the face of challenges.

The full report is published on Russell Reynolds Associates’ website. Read the full report.


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