EMA Partners: Impact On Talent Synergies Between The UAE and Israel

Two apparently different nations, both rich in leadership talent, opened their doors to each other in August 2020 to promote peace and encourage collaboration between both countries.

Traditionally the distinction is real, Israel – an ancient kingdom that has endured many tribulations and the UAE – a young nation with a swift rise.

Key insights from this article:

  • Israel’s workforce is 25% more diverse from Europe; 12% more from Africa; 9% more from Asia.
  • Israel has developed a very competitive infrastructure (with 4.9 percent GDP spend going into tech and representing 9.2 percent of the workforce, which is the highest in OECD)
  • Most of Israel’s energy comes from fossil fuels, where the demand for primary energy is considerably higher than energy expenditure.
  • As many as 82 percent of UAE-based organizations experienced at least one cyberattack in 2019 and more than half reported multiple attacks.

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Amer Lakhani
Thought leadership category