Boyden: Key to Leadership

In a recent study Boyden identified key drivers for success amongst Russia’s most successful executives.  The study examined four areas of management including: strategic leadership, operational leadership, people leadership and change management.

The report found Russian and Western executives are quite similar with regards to strategic and operational leadership.  Russian and foreign leaders all place greater focus on strategy and business development than on day-to-day operational management. The two groups differ greatly in terms of change management and people leadership.

Change Management proved to be a greater strength amongst western leaders. Russia has faced turbulent conditions and near-constant change over the years, and Russian executives have developed the ability to adapt to change and readjust their strategies as a matter of survival. However, managing change has historically been stronger amongst foreign executives.

When it comes to people leadership, Russian executives are much more aware of their team members’ disposition. The study found Russian executives pay greater attention to motivations and engagement.

The full report is published on Boyden’s website. Read the full report.


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