Amrop Reports on the Human Dimension of Globalizing Mid-Caps

Large public companies (and, increasingly, state-owned enterprises) occupy a significant proportion of global assets and the attention of business academics and consulting firms. At the other extreme, start-ups attract ambitious graduates and
‘emigrés’ from major corporates. What about those in the middle? So far there has been limited work on globalizing mid-caps, especially on leadership, talent and culture. Amrop's study, ‘Welcome to the Flight Deck,’explores this missing link. 
'Welcome to the Flight Deck', is a deep exploration of the world of globalizing mid-caps. In partnership with IMD, a leading business school in Lausanne, Switzerland, the comprehensive study draws upon 83 interviews conducted exclusively face-to-face with C-suite leaders from every continent. Lasting up to two hours, the interviews were conducted by Amrop Partners using a structured framework designed by researchers at IMD. The report offers insight on Talent Management, Culture and its implications for performance, and Board Governance. 

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