Vetted Solutions: The Role of the Interim CEO

A leadership shift is inevitable in any organization, but what happens if the transition does not go as planned?

With the help of ASAE Research Foundation and Ancora Group, Vetted Solutions set out to uncover insights for four key stakeholder groups: boards of directors weighing the benefits and drawbacks of interim leadership, interim executives looking for real-world examples, successor CEOs hoping to get off to a good start, and staff navigating the effects of leadership transition.

These primary insights include:

  • All board members that took part in the case study believe the use of an interim was the correct decision, despite the transition not going how they intially expected it to
  • The interim's role should be clearly defined and communicated in order to be successful
  • Attention to organizational culture will benefit an interim CEO - a "listening tour" is an effective first step in determining what works and what doesn't within the organization
  • While the transition will be challenging, employees should keep an open mind throughout the process considering organizational change may generate opportunities for employees to thrive.
  • Strong communication and understanding are essential for successfully managing a transition, whether for interims, boards, staff, or succeeding CEOs.

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