LHH Knightsbridge: Under Pressure to Fill Jobs? Here’s the Relief Valve You’ve Been Looking For

More than ever, top talent is more willing to jump to a new job. Adapting to the trend, employers are offering huge bonuses and inflated salaries.

Turnover rates are also skyrocketing as the Great Resignation pushes through workplaces all around the globe. It’s important to make sure the new talent is going to make a contribution for the long haul. An LHH-LinkedIn pulse poll conducted in May 2022 revealed that 57% of people who voluntarily resigned from a job in the last year to take another job were generally “happy and satisfied” with their decision. While this is good news, the turnover rate is steadily increasing.

 LHH Knightsbridge explains two major streams of departures and how interim solutions protect your organization against bad hiring decisions. Here are some specific benefits interim talent solutions offer:

  • Reliability
  • Financial flexibility
  • A source of missing skills or expertise

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Jonathan Kone
Thought leadership category