IIC Partners: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent at Not-For-Profit Organizations

It takes an accomplished leadership team to craft a brand, culture, and compensation package to attract and retain talented leaders amidst tight budgets, public scrutiny, and fierce competition for talent. So how do they do it? IIC Partners asked senior executives at leading not-for-profit organizations to share their challenges and successes.

Competing For Talent: How To Make Your Not-For-Profit The Top Choice For Candidates

Not-for-profit organizations need to build a complete 360 package matched with an exciting, mission-driven brand and culture, and communicate this with clarity. Here are the key elements that our interviewees identified for attracting and retaining talented employees.

Compensation is one area where it is hard to compete across the labor market — most of the leaders that we interviewed agreed they could not match commercial salaries. However, at higher positions, compensation can still be attractive and is not a barrier to entry for professionals with commercial backgrounds.

Kathryn Allen, Region Senior Vice President, American Heart Association, commented, "Once you get up in the upper ranks, I think our chief mission officer aligns with business officers. Both the actual pay and the benefits package is very, very rich."

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