EMA Partners: The Post Quarantine Era: Period of Resurrection

Amid the Covid 19 crisis organizations are currently focused on these four aspects:

  1. Employee engagement & morale of their people
  2. Reducing burn rates and managing their cash flows
  3. Strengthening technology & digital infrastructure to support their businesses
  4. Logistics & Supply chain optimization

EMA Partners engaged with several global leaders from diverse sectors and have constructed a comprehensive approach to this crisis under the acronym ‘RESURRECT’.

Regroup: As this global health crisis has the potential to result in a large scale global financial crisis, it is imperative that leaders and stakeholders have to sort out the foggy communication channels between themselves and build a culture of consensus.

Engage: Besides keeping the morale of the employees high, it will be critical to constantly engage with the customers, partners, distribution channels and the entire value chain.

Simplify: While one can never truly create a simple COVID-19 crisis combat plan, doing one big risk assessment to see where your company is most likely to falter after evaluation of the pressure points, could be one way of mitigating immediate and further risk.

Unlearn: What worked well previously may not work well now. Hence creating augmented flexibility on having a listening mindset on the new dynamics around the needs of the external world would be vital.

Revitalize: In addition to, revitalizing the key components of the business, the leader plays a key role in orchestrating internal synergies between functional and business leaders within the organization.

Re-Imagine: It will be of vital importance to focus on the fundamentals of the business model, which is: WHO is the target audience, WHAT is the offering/end objective and HOW to execute it.

Eliminate: Eliminating negative energy through a positive and transparent work culture will create better efficiencies across the employee value chain.

Communicate: A well planned follow up mechanism down the line is of importance so that the message is transmitted across the rank and file in a large organization.

Transform: True transformation is when the front line employees undertake initiatives to drive change in alignment with vision of the leadership.

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Amarjeet Dutta
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