Dasein: Executive search trends: New Leaders

Dasein Executive Search sheds light on the current state of executive search in Brazil. The firm also touches on the importance of trend awareness and self-knowledge, especially for leaders.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are on the rise so that more people are included. In fact, 93% of companies awarded as the Best Companies to Work For in Brazil in 2021 by GPTW have a person or team responsible for fighting discrimination and promoting diversity. However, there still needs to be changes in the selection process to avoid unconscious bias. 

Discover how executive search can contribute to the evolution of leaders and companies, featuring: 

  • The role of assessment in self-knowledge

  • Science and sensibility in the search for better leadership

  • What do companies demand from each leadership position?

  • Selection processes and the “cultural fit"


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Adriana Prates, Daniel Rezende, Luiz Gonzaga Leal, Luzete Campolina
Thought leadership category