Harbour West Consulting: 7 Must-Follow Onboarding Techniques

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These onboarding techniques will help you upgrade your game. During COVID-19 following a structured process for onboarding has heightened importance. Looking for ideas to recreate the experience virtually? Make Human Connection + Meticulous Planning your two onboarding pillars to guide you.

During a catch-up session with a recruit, the oft-discussed point of a successful onboarding experience came up. Here are some key takeaways: 

1. Successful onboarding starts with the hiring manager:

The hiring manager plays the most important role in the onboarding experience of a new employee. Typically, this is where the lapse happens. After the initial welcome meeting, the new employee is often told by the manager that the next catch-up will be after 30 days to discuss their observations and their 100-day plan. If the hiring manager does not invest in the new employee, who will? It is recommended that the hiring manager sets up weekly catch-up sessions, at the very least, to ensure an effective onboarding experience and any issues are promptly recognized and addressed.

2. Over-communicate:

The onus for this lies on both the recruit as well as the people they interact with. Many new hires are hesitant to ask questions or share views. Existing employees just assume, unconsciously, that the new kid on the block understands everything that is going on, even if they do not articulate everything! The key is to communicate, communicate, communicate – all the time. 

These are just two of the seven tips. Explore the rest of the tips below.

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