Witt/Kieffer: Gender and Career Advancement in Healthcare

Gender and Career Advancement in Healthcare is a comprehensive study of the impact of gender on career growth and succession in the industry and sheds light on the strides men and women are taking to advance to a senior level or leadership position.
There is a strong correlation between women in leadership and increased organizational performance. Yet American Hospital Association data shows that while women represent a majority of workers in healthcare, they comprise only 26% of hospital and health system CEOs and 28% of board members. Therefore, the need for increased female healthcare leadership is clear. The means by which to achieve it is not always apparent.
A year ago, Witt/Kieffer conducted its fourth-ever healthcare leadership diversity survey, polling more than 300 executives. They explored ideas around diversifying the healthcare executive suite, including: more commitment by top management; promotion from within; more culturally competent organizations; and greater career development opportunities. Results showed that men and women differed in terms of what they hope to achieve and how they define and success.
This study further explores gender-related factors in executive career advancement and how women and men differ in this regard. Our online survey evaluated 192 participants’experiences, based on gender, in relation to career ambition, influential factors that govern decisions, personal development tools and workplace opportunities. In addition, more than a dozen executives provided input and insight through phone interviews.

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