Acertitude: Women in Private Equity Portfolio Operations: How to Achieve Progress and Performance in the Industry

While women represent one third of the total private equity workforce, the number dwindles up the career ladder, with few women in senior roles. Even fewer are represented among portfolio operations team members.

Compared to corporate America for example, in which 24% of C-suite roles are held by women, private equity only has 15% in senior positions. On the same note, in a McKinsey poll, 54% of women said they believe their “career trajectory is limited, or evaluation for promotion is somewhat slowed, due to [their] gender.” In essence, gender parity for promotions, especially for women in private equity, lacks at each rung of the ladder.

Charlotte Cederwall, an Acertitude partner and private equity specialist, writes a thoughtful piece on how the lack of diversity in PE funds and portfolio companies is going to have a direct impact on value creation, if it hasn't already.

This article discusses:

  • Attracting top talent
  • Widening the talent pool
  • Merit-based selection
  • DEI impact
  • And more...

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Charlotte Cederwall
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