Heidrick & Struggles: What Are Your Employees Really Saying About You?

A recent report by Heidrick & Struggles, finds the most powerful incentive for potential employees seeking to join companies in retail, consumer products, hospitality, and media and entertainment sectors is a company’s reputation as an employer. Executives are drawn to companies where they can work for—and learn from—the best.

In the report Heidrick and Struggles finds that almost all chief executives say strong employer brand is important to their corporate success. Employer branding has been in the spotlight in response to the global business landscape. With the use of technology, the way companies treat their employees is highly visible. For companies having an employer brand strategy allows companies to attract and engage the best people, ensure employees are the best fit for the organization, and retain employee loyalty.

The best way to attract talent is through employer branding initiatives. CEOs should play a more active role in driving the employer brand efforts for their organization.

The report is published on Heidrick & Struggles’ website. Read the full report.


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