Stanton Chase: Digital Transformation - Empowering the Evolution of the CFO

A new survey from Stanton Chase breaks down the constantly evolving role of the CFO as it expands to include more non-traditional financial accountabilities.

Technology is both a driver and enabler of this shift towards a demand for new skills, new challenges for attracting and retaining talent, and a push for Finance to add measurable business value and competitive corporate strategy.

Here are just a few statistics from this expansive analysis:

  • 74% say that developing & executing company strategy is one of their top priorities as CFO.
  • 69% answered that risk management & regulatory compliance is a responsibility outside of their traditional finance function.
  • 65% agree that "Implementing innovative technology is my biggest challenge as CFO."

The survey covers over 400 financial professionals with varying degrees of experience across a dozen industries globally.

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